Monday, 14 July 2014

Man vs TEAM

‘Lionel Messi’ is a Legend but Germans created the history!!
Not a Soccer fan though but closely followed this FIFA season with an overenthusiastic Watsapp group from school and equally well acquainted better half. However this doesn’t qualify me for sharing any technical details on the game unless I am ready for a suicidal attempt. But this again reiterates the importance of a TEAM in any game. Again at any point this doesn’t mean Argentina didn’t do justice but it’s only the best one which makes it to the top and not always the best man. But this was enough to make me share my thoughts on the closest analogy from an organizational point of view.
·        Togetherness is one of the key aspects of any successful team and if that remains intact the team for sure can be a perfect recipe for the ‘Invincible’. It’s important how each individual mutually respects the differences and at the same time compliments the gaps which all together can add a new synergy to the group.
·        What good is sense if it doesn’t make one? Likewise it’s important to create and increase the Effectiveness of the team which can result in better yield. Basic traits of Flexibility, Adaptation and conflict management can for sure help take the graph of performance northwards.
·         Having no goals is simply the first step to failure. Till such time you know the direction you are heading how would you be ready with your resource estimation and the expected outputs. In order to Achieve the level of competency a team required to be the A team it’s important to define the specific goals and the timelines and also stringent but meaningful execution plan so everyone aspires towards it.
·         Leaders are born and sometimes made but in either case they should be equipped enough to keep the team Morale high with a mix of assurance, trust, mentorship, constructive feedback but  above all just being there when needed the most.
It’s easier to say then done. You might take several attempts of failure till you claim the German victory but what’s important is to be as strong opponent as Argentina till that last minute of the game!!

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