Sunday, 18 August 2013

3 Qs, To manage your Inbox!!

"Ping" went my phone. I checked wondering who might have written to me and was amazed to get a response from one of my business associates. What was interesting about this person that he never took more than 2 minutes to reply and this was the 10th mail conversation on the same lines. So if you are thinking that he might not be in serious business, sorry to let you down for him being a CEO, I am sure he has lot much to do then me at least :)
So the point is not about to get in the business details of the gentleman rather to notice how effective his email communication is. Well if it can make me write a blog then at least I would give him 10/10. Practically we spend half of our awake life online and this makes email communication a major source of communication. But in spite of knowing this most of us falter here including me.
And if you are not willing to join my bandwagon, how about a test!
 Let’s go back to our inbox and count on the number of unread mails. Anything more than 10 means you are welcome onboard!! Reading is the easiest thing you can do to an email coming to your inbox. Reason being, one you would not miss on any important information. Second those haunting unread numbers will always be under control. Thirdly you would be not be cutting a sorry figure of asking somebody to resend a mail.
Out of 10 emails, seeking your response how many do you really answer? If the answer is less than 50% then you surely need to reason it further. Firstly how about inspiring somebody like me to appreciate your prompt reply. Secondly the otherwise open ended communication loop would have a logical end and will also avoid any follow up emails. Thirdly writing back reassures that you have read the email properly and your updated knowledge will only smoothen your decision making in future.
To top all what might be a reason to not respond on an email? If time is an issues then better manage it well, for unread mails are the most haunting troubled souls. Most of the time we really don’t know what to write but then answering doesn’t always mean that. Many times as an HR I am not able to respond to each and every job applicant but honestly this only makes me lose my reputation in long run. Reason why applicant find different channels to reach HR managers then simply sending an email .Having an automated mails most of times does the job for a while but still nothing can beat a personal reply. Sharing a candid feedback is most appreciated.
These are top three reasons why we should be more conscious on using, responding and managing our inboxes. A well managed inbox will not just keep you well informed infact will induce others to respond you back too. So remember as you sow, so shall you reap!!

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