Friday, 26 April 2013

What does a CEO wants?

What does a CEO want?

Read this to know why…
I recently went to a well known ice- cream parlor where my son wanted an ice-cream with an OREO topping .First I didn’t realized the reason why a simple cream biscuit would make a dessert add-on till I tasted and loved it. Now I exactly knew why the cute little girl in the TV commercial loves to dip it in milk and eat. But today when I saw OREO as coffee topping at one of the prominent coffee shop brands was just amazed on creative marketing and product positioning.
Wow, so OREO is something more than just a cream biscuit. No wonder I, my son and my mom we all love it and you thought cream biscuits are for kids .I would not be surprised if tomorrow we have OREO kheer being served at restaurants. Not a bad idea somebody should start it!!
OREO seems to be some multifaceted cookie...
Interestingly life at SME’s run in similar fashion. We have highly passionate CEO’s who have started organist ions from scratch and many times done all what it takes to run the show. Whether running for their first deal or fixing up the balance sheet and not to mention even receiving the customer complaints they have been hands on. Somebody so involved would not bother about the job role but one who can change hats and do multiple tasks is the man/woman he is looking for. An ideal fit would be an individual who understands the value and sticks to it throughout ,can be a good substitute whenever need arises and marketed well when business requires. Similar to our OREO which just gels so well with all those mouth watering flavours and still is a cream biscuit!!
Such employees eventually become integral part of the organization and the core team. What drives them is not the role or the job but that they living up the passion or value which they have created for themselves and organizations. Interestingly there vision is concurrent to organisations' growth and such individuals are highly self driven and stand out ,just like our favorite cookie.These employees are not bothered about their performance reviews and hikes but about whether they are taking the organization to height which they dreamt with the CEO.
Many times ideologies clash for not every employee is ready to take that owernership and neither is every CEO letting them unleash their true potential and then we just missed another employees’ company to roll out.
Whatsoever it might be every cookie is not an OREO and to be one you need to taste some!!


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At 30 April 2013 at 04:16 , Blogger GREEN_B P Singh said...

Well after Oreo , next thing that comes to my mind is out very own desi and humble Potato which even though is very simple in nature goes with n number of dishes... alu ka paratha.. samosa... kachauri... dum aloo... chaat.. and many more... :)


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