Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Future of Indian Workplace!!

‘A Virtual Assistant is required for start up based in Delhi’. Read the Ascent advertisement. 
‘Work from home based projects with an MNC’. Was posted on a popular job portal.

West had it long back and now Indian workplaces too are opening itself to the concept of Virtual Office. Though still in a primitive stage, but changing socio – economic factors will soon make Indian Industries adapt it as an extension of the mother office. 

This age being 3G age, its difficult to stay away from smart phones, PDA and other such savvy gadgets. Such being the environment, soon connectivity will not have any boundaries rather physical presence will become a limitation. Infact on the other hand organizations will have to strengthen there IT infrastructure in order to maintain such devices without compromising on security. A great cost saving strategy, virtual offices will provide great flexibility and independence to both employer and employee, hence a win-win. 

As a matter of fact, considering the ballooning pollution levels and carbon emissions, virtual working will lessen traveling in turn decreasing peak time traffics and helping us go green. Organizations too will have respite from keeping tracks on the timing and can focus on other employee motivating policies. Moreover, this can be a very handy tool in attracting female talent and therefore becoming a fair employer.  

Last but not least, this involves a great amount of honesty and integrity from the employee front and the Organizations have to be more creative and well equipped in maintaining such diversity. To cut it short, change is inevitable, sooner organizations adapt it better it is for all.


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