Tuesday, 23 April 2013

Changing Face of Recruitment...

Recruitment might look simple to many but in real it’s never been a cake walk and the requirement urgency with talent deficiency makes it worse. This overall make the job of recruiter tough who anyways is dependent on somebody else’s talent and mind set. Over a decade as the face of HR has changed from a support function to a more business oriented one, so has the job changed on various dimensions. Observed below are certain trends in the hiring which are worth mentioning.
Growing economy has made hiring healthier and thus increased employment avenues. The continuous external competition only made sure that no stones were left unturned while head hunting for those demanding skill sets. The Hiring managers utilize all possible tool and techniques to attract and recruit talent. Retaining although is a different challenge altogether. Policies and procedures too have been evolved and made more employee centric thus engaging the employee.
Gradually Talent Acquisition has turned into subject matter expertise with a focus on recruitment methodology , tools and techniques. Organizations have dedicated recruitment teams to handle the mass hiring process on continuous basis. In past recruitment was more of an entry point to HR function leading to generalist but with due course it has evolved both in terms of maturity and scope. Many organizations are now hiring certified recruiters for the job, skilled enough to understand the dynamics of the profile.
Difference in projected hiring numbers and actual hiring number has compelled the hiring experts to maintain a passive talent pipeline through various sources. Ongoing recruitment drives for vanilla skills and maintaining a talent pool has become part of the strategy. Organizations have started acquiring talent hence in a way treating it as an important intellectual asset which further contributes in the growth.
And the buck didn’t stop here even the employees were encouraged and incentivized through lucrative employee referral schemes. For what can be better than age old tried and tested ‘word of the mouth’ technique. This not only helped hiring teams and motivated employees but also contributed towards employer branding!!!
With time, various metrics evolved around the specialized function like cost per hire, TAT, recruitment ratios etc which further defined the analytics of the subject.
Social media too has contributed towards this new avatar. Networking platforms like facebook, LinkedIn and other such forums and blogs have provided new avenues for finding the right fit and thus decreasing the dependency on job portals. In fact they are more fondly referred as ‘talent network’ and is an ideal place to exchange views and ideas too.
Technology has increases the accessibility for both candidates and recruiters.eg: a smart phone as much allows a candidate to apply a job in a much shorter span it also helps a recruiter to connect faster. Now a prospective candidate might really be just a click away.
Recruitment is ever changing and every day brings new trends so it’s important not to miss the right bus for you never know in which one the right candidate is travelling!!

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