Friday, 26 July 2013

What’s your resume’s social quotient?


If you are reading this post then I am sure you are not new to Social Media. Power of social media is immense and widespread. Not only it has turned an introvert to extrovert but also has redefined human connect. Today we don’t need a newspaper to share our story, we are self sufficient and are proud owner of our own brand. Yes, being social today has new way of personal image management.

When talking about our own brand, a resume is a close relative. Resume ideally helps us to establish a perspective in the interviewer’s mind even before our interaction starts. It has been a prevalent practice for ages to make an effective and impactful resume in order to qualify for that dream job. But now it’s time to accessories your two pager through social resume.
Social resume is nothing but all information related to you - widely available online. So it’s a wide terms which covers lot under one umbrella. Considering the social media usage and popularity most of the recruiters have started using the same as a talent acquisition tool. As it goes Internet has no delete button and it can help trace back all your social media activity, hence here are couple of tips which you should focus on lest you miss out on your golden goose.
  1. Mostly social networking is a long term association or activity and unlike a job interview we can’t hide our true feelings here. But it’s very important not to leave any digital footprints which can be considered against you or can tarnish your social personality.
  2. ‘It’s all in the Name’. Having a profile which can help recruiter relate to you instantly is a mandate or else no matter what you do socially it can’t be considered you ‘social resume’ for sure.
  3. Blogging has changed the writer’s world. Gone are the days when publishing an article took months of follow up, but now spreading your thoughts is just a click away. And if you write what a recruiter considers relevant and is close to your expertise, then your dream job is just a call away.
  4. ‘A Man is known by the company he keeps’. Your online network speaks a lot about you, so make sure whom you are adding to your friend list. Richer your network more valued is the profile.

Social media itself is a wide subject and has both pros and cons but using it for your own benefits it just in your hands. So for your next job hunt don’t forget SOCIAL!!



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