Friday, 5 July 2013

To ERR is HUMAN...why blame HR

Last night I was on my usual social networking site reading interesting status messages when read somebody saying “HR professional, sounds like an oxymoron”.

So are the HR departments incompetent?

Absolutely not!! I have personally met some very fine people in the HR fraternity but probably such is  nature of the job which makes it very susceptible. At any given time Human Resource is dealing with two poles, employee and employer and come what may there is always an employee in the human resource whose heart is inclined to one but actions have to aligned with the more powerful entity. So this proves there is some human in human resource.
Now being in the industry for a while , sitting on the hot seat has never been easy. But I still have to find an organization where people love the HR department. It always makes me wonder that is the people functions really for the people  , by the people and of the people…Not sure!!
Mostly HR departments are cursed for salary payouts, delayed appraisals and many such transactional activities which keeps them occupied enough to get into other strategic or transformational aspects. However the buck doesn’t stop here whenever organization effectiveness comes in picture HR is first to be questioned. Though market trends lead to lot of internal changes but still this one department must have done something wrong to not predict and take corrective action at the right time.
Doesn’t this sound like a one sided story?

'Reminds me of a simple and hardworking boy who was trying to be good to everybody but his returns were always otherwise.'
But as soon as you turn the table reality will strike…Lets recall the last employee engagement activity which you bunked and also missed the realization of efforts put in to the arrange so many activities every month.

Blaming the HR is easiest when annual hikes are delayed but only if the forms are filled up on time HR too would be entitled for the revised salary.

Average hiring time must be showing in bold red but what about expecting to onboard a Rock-star.
Policies are mostly referred as HR weapons but aren’t they all employee facilitation tool in line with organizational benefits.

Mostly till the time operations run smoothly HR effectiveness is not measured but sadly weighted only at the time of mismatched expectations which just make the HR department a perfect scapegoat.

To sum it all , mistakes are part of learning and only when they are taken positively will it contribute to growing further of an organization. So lets stop the blame game and complement each other to reach next level!!

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At 5 July 2013 at 23:37 , Blogger Sn Upadhyaya said...


Very well said.

At 7 July 2013 at 08:08 , Blogger Anil Kr Arora said...

Wonderful Rakshita.

Well not even you but me too feel the same and have discussed alot about the same issues at CiteHR and many other professional sites.

HR is always dedicated to the Organization and works for all the People comes under Organization but still searching themselves. People working with HR are also human and are bound to follow the rule they have defined for all to make a good and effective work atmosphere to reach the organization goals which is a prime responsibility and play a big role in the success of business and organization. HR not just works like other departments do in an organization but gets the right people to work department / Organization and connect them all with each other but still not getting the recognition and the respect which is a big concern.

"There is always an employee (HUMAN) in the human resource department whose heart is inclined to one but actions have to align with the more powerful entity. So this proves there is some human in human resource."- Very well said and this I would say, actually need to understand by all.


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