Monday, 13 May 2013

Whats in an Attitude?

Have you heard about Sun and Moon story?

One day Sun proudly told Moon, “Look I am so great, nobody can survive without me. You too also reflect my light. I am HOT.”

Moon looks at him gently and replied, “Yes, indeed you are very hot and nobody dares to come close to you. However unlike you I love to be surrounded by stars and prefer being cool dude.”

And Earth just smiled.

In real, though being Hot is sometimes is a statement in its own but this conversation is more to do with ones ATTITUDE. We mostly imbibe from nature and human behavior has lot to do with the celestial influence.  Mostly while recruiting we do study ones behavior competency and attitude is an important aspect in the same. Some highly qualified resources just get rejected for not having the right attitude. Yes, it’s THAT important!!

So what is an Attitude?

It’s a way of thinking, feeling and expressing ourselves both mentally and physically. Well we all know that dictionary definition , but do we have the right attitude is something to be pondered in the above story it’s difficult to judge who has the right attitude for both at the irreplaceable .So if you are looking for an aggressive and highly competent who is just unbeatable and is mostly an individual contributor , HOT is just the right guy. But let’s talk about a people’s person, somebody who is patient ,cool, mature and can empathize with others will surely vote for Moon.

Like any technical competency, every job has a requirement of specific attitude and behavior. Only if we have the right combination, we will be able to maintain a balance in organizational Let’s consider our the mute spectator, Earth. Smart enough to know that it can’t survive without either of two (sun and moon), so with an amazing gravitational force it makes sure to keep them at the right distance in order to maintain a congenial relationship and we all know whenever any of them come too close for comfort the results are terrible.

An organization has both difficult and very difficult people (never underestimate an easy going person) but its only the right attitude and behavior which will ultimately helps things fall in place. Just like solar system it’s imperative to have all four (let’s not forget followers, stars) in an organization to go on and on the milky way route J

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