Friday, 25 April 2014

4 Rules of Appreciation!!

High Five!!
Yes that’s the incentive my three year old loves the most whenever he does something good. What’s more amazing, how every time I give him a thumps up , he is excited to achieve more.
That somewhere reiterates Voltaire’s thought “Appreciation is a wonderful thing. It makes what is excellent in others belong to us as well.” It can make impossible turn feasible and dead man walk too. Yes, that the power of words!!Understanding this aspect of human behavior holds high importance at workplace. Mostly in heed of process orientation we at times lose some basic rules which we learnt as kids.
It's never too much: Many times we feel that too much appreciation might make one overconfident and hence can reduce the effectiveness. Well that could be one school of thought however personally I feel appreciation is highly addictive and one would strive to always achieve more of it. As long as it is genuine and the intention is motivate it will always go hand in hand with a feel good factor.
Don’t miss on the time: Appreciation which comes days after the job hardly helps. A pat on back might sound simple but one which comes on right time gives enough motivation. However most of the times Managers become highly competitive with expectation but equally conservative with appreciation. If what was promised, was delivered, then what could be harm in appreciating the attempt.
Don’t mix the two: Giving an appreciation with an extended ‘but’ can be really a spoil sport. Sometimes both positive and negative together can cause recency effect, where only negative is retained. If a feedback for improvement is required then give a time break. May be next day can be good at least till such time the one can bask in the glory of well deserved positive. Imagine you seeing a score card with a red line and A grades, what will impact you more?
Make it Public: Yes, that one thing I love and learned from my current organization, plugHR to appreciate in public. Not to tell you how that magnifies the effect of the entire process. It is only human to craves for social applause and no wonder why we all love being part of this online social world.
To sum up all let there be no regrets or explanations but simple yet timely appreciations which can motivate people to do more and ride more miles.

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