Tuesday, 3 September 2013

5 Communication Lessons on Twitter

“What's the fun in having one more social media account?”
Yes, this was my reply to a friend who once asked me to join him on twitter. Hardly did I know that soon I would be advocating the same social networking platform and would be using much more than even the one who recommended. Honestly I am in love with the tweeting bird ,more than I was with Facebook or Orkut. Reason being it not only connects me to the entire ecosystem’s update in just 140 units also learning has a new and a simpler meaning here? How?
Twitter has made me a better communicator!! Somebody like me who always had to take B Sheets when others could manage their answers in just A, writing crisp yet effective has been a challenge. Twitter just made sure that I stick to express my fullest and still save myself from negative marking.
I know how it feels to listen now. Reading interesting tweets and marking favorites is a nothing more than listening, imbibing and appreciating other person’s thought. A skill I always desired to have and now I know what all I could have learned only if would have let the other side talk a bit more J
Another very interesting aspect is of engaging a conversation. So what you tweet or Re Tweet talks about your virtual personality which can have a pull or a push effect. In order to connect it important to add value to your follower base. Learning the tricks of the trait from twitter, I am sure next time when I break the ice it would melt forever!!
So what if I don’t upload my picture or my bio on twitter, I still will have people following me back. Assuming without providing the entire information can just shatter all your expectations. Updated profile helps to connect with right audience and in turn generate better traction and communication.
One of my favorite picks from twitter is that RT’s and links go very well till it is balanced by your own personal thoughts in those 140 letters. Missing on your personal views or expression can be as bad as a leader always quoting somebody but hardly saying anything quotable.
These are just some of my communication lessons from twitter and I am sure many more are on way to come. Way to go Twit Twit!!

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