Wednesday, 6 November 2013

Evaluate your #job change in five

Are you ready for a job change?

Surprised!!  Why did I not ask the question which frequently bothers as every year passes by in your current organization?
Job change is a career transition and should be handled with great care. Many people ignore this very important aspect of how every job change can give a different turn to ones career road map. Mostly I get call from friends who need advise on job hunt and then I ask them my favorite question, which mostly helps them explore the unrealized.

Trust me I will be the last person against a job change, after all I owe my job to this. But what’s important are you convinced for one. Many times encountered people who start a hunt and then back out in mid way leaving many questions unanswered. Taking some decisions in haste can let go great opportunities in future.

Feeling of job being mundane is nothing unusual and they might be haunting you every now and then. However what one need to decide whether the next opportunity guarantees you a relief for next five year. Could be possible that it’s a right time to expand your arms to some new responsibilities internally.

So do you think about a job change after every appraisal as your expectations were not met monetarily?  Well a new opportunity might give you hike but who know if you are back to square one again during next appraisal cycle. Better focus on the feedback and see if you hit the best paid band without changing a job.

Make sure to clarify the real meaning behind ‘better prospects’. It’s such a vague term to use however if this means about a level escalation have you really given your best shot for an internal promotion. If not then why not? A job change might give you a designation boost up but will take you more time to settle rather it would have done internally.

You boss is not less that ‘HARI SADU’ but who knows the next one might not be a ‘Dream Manager’ too. Talk out for an internal project transfer first before your decide to move out.

Honestly many of these reasons knock the HR department only during exit interviews and some lucky ones have it during retention talks. We might blame the HR department for not being proactive but if it’s about you then should you not take that extra effort for evaluating your decision before concluding for a job hunt route.

Think before you leap the next time!!

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