Saturday, 14 September 2013

5 Reasons to be a #Social HR

So you mean you work hard and party harder?
But that’s not what I meant here for sure and neither am I anyone to comment on ‘What you did last Summer? ‘

However, as I am sure you must have understood that my reference point is your activity on much debatable social media platform. Being active and well connected with HR pros in this space, I personally wonder what keeps many of my #HR friends out of this awesome way to connect with the world without boundaries.
Yes, I know what’s going in your mind, that something which many organization still consider as time killer to an extend that its banned , can it really add any value. So my friend, honestly it’s up to the learner curve as to what, when, why and how will he imbibe the knowledge. My personal take with social media is that it works for those who know how it works and it definitely works wonders for me.

Human Resource is role which can easily become mundane in spite of having lot of challenges associated with it. Reason being we let go the transformational part for the regular transactional activities which for various reasons are important part of an HR life cycle. So keeping yourself in sync with the trending lines is the necessity and need of hour. Technology has changed the workplace dynamics and the largest contributor has been social media on this note. Here are some reasons what’s stored for you in between this hue and cry!!
Currently we are working with four generations and very soon we would have Gen Y dominating our workplace. In order to understand and engage this potential talent mass what could be a better than following their social footprints.

Another very interesting experience with social media is that helps you explore the creative side. Before you start wondering on how don’t you feel sharing your views in 140 characters is creativity or writing a blog is any less. How about those interesting tag lines on your Facebook page or the interesting your tube video your friend uploaded? All this is reflection of one’s creative instincts and these are just few. This not only helps you to innovate but also provokes your thought process, in turn makes you act differently.

Needless to say Social media is the best available market place for talent hunt and that too it’s FREE!! So if cost of hiring on your dashboard is bothering you this is for sure the solution.

#HR is said to be the face of an organization and who better can take the brand to next level. Your social media presence not just talks about you but about also the organization you are associated with. E.g. Twitter is more than enough to tell me happenings at Yahoo India or why does one of my twitter pal loves to work for TATA. Even better people know what I do with plugHR without me even telling then that J

#Social networking provides a platform to learn and relearn. Connecting with people, following twitter chats, following #LinkedIn group discussions, attending webinars and so much more only to add to your knowledge which would make you better and sharper.

Ideally problem is not of the platform instead how we use the same. Just by holding the book you can’t evaluate the content similarly creating an account on #Facebook /LinkedIn or #Twitter but not using it effectively will only make you wonder about Power of Socialmedia!!

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