Sunday, 22 December 2013

Make your resume, Lucky Seven!!

Six Seconds!!

Yes that’s all I have for your resume. So are you ready to impress me, well I am sure in you absence you have tamed your resume enough for the job. NO, well then how do you expect to crack that dream job .

Sadly it’s not just you but many more who still miss on some very important aspects required for a resume which can go through six second stress test. Resume is the first interface between recruiter and you , so letting your two pager down will simply make your success rate zero. No matter how competent you have been all throughout but this one milestone is of prime importance, after which it mostly depends on your personal caliber to pull it through up-till the offer.
So here sharing some quick tips which would make you resume and job search more effective and less frustrating:
Think and choose the format and not just copy one which your friend used for his last job search. Resume is your own identity, will you let your friend go for the interview on your behalf than why his resume should represent yours. It’s a great turn off when candidates simply copy paste the content. Your originality should reflect from your resume. Choosing the fonts, where to go bold and the flow of contents play an important role on visuals of recruiter. 

As you move on content, make sure to prioritize it as per the relevancy and the profile which you are aiming at. Most of times the contents are repetitive and unnecessary which consume space and let’s not forget that two pages are more than enough for six seconds. Loading too much information will only divert recruiter’s interest and you would lose the battle to someone else’s resume.  

Reading the Job description before applying can give some pointers to customize the resume. For sure it’s a cumbersome exercise but if it’s for your dream job, why would you just let it go for some time investment. Have a generic resume with role based customized ones will surely help your seek better opportunities. You two pager is your way to market yourself and push your candidature to recruitment process. Job is to make the recruiter feel that you are the one who fits the job best.

Make sure your objective is meaningful and so it leaves an impact and with that the contact details should be latest and do not miss on alternate or permanent numbers where reaching out for you is not cumbersome. While you are hunting jobs, please take care of calling back to all missed call and even regularly checking your emails. Who knows the last call might have been for the one you have been waiting all this while.

Keywords are lifelines for recruiters, make sure your have used them enough to add relevance to your portfolio. Being aware of commonly used keywords for the job your are applying will add lots of value too. Keeping a track and mention of all important data on the resume, e.g.: work tenure and year of passing out will give clarity to your profile and would avoid rejection due to unavailable data.
Resume writing is art and definitely needs personal creativity but as always when looking for a job you should not leave any stoned unturned so let’s start with your  new resume this time…

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