Monday, 24 March 2014

Check 3, if you are a Startup Talent!!

Startup journey is full of ups and down but depends if are you the roller coaster type, you would simple enjoy the fun. Ask any entrepreneur more than he wonders about VC funding hiring the Talent can be nightmarish. As obvious as it might sound but until one has the right people at the right time any good business plan will go for a toss and probably that’s why Startups never freeze hiring like the bigger counterparts.

What adds to the dynamics here is the genre of Talent which are required or fit to survive in this kind of environment. Today you would find many applicants trying to seek an opportunity to work for startup and equally similar number turning down startup offers for a well established organization. So let us get into the finer aspect for knowing whom to hire.

It’s not a 9 to 5 role: If you come with a mindset to managing work life balance with ‘log in’ and ‘log out’ time then you surely would find yourself in midst of strangers. Primarily if one asks you repetitive questions around holidays/ office time etc, might be coming from similar mindset by virtue of his/her past experiences. However for any organization these are important but probably a new organization which still has long way to break-even it becomes difficult to call it a day before milestones are won over. Surprisingly the one who love working for startups enjoys more without a clock monitoring them; they feel more relaxed with deadlines than swipe cards.

Don’t ask for a JD: Now being an HR professional it’s almost like murdering my conscious before writing that. But that’s the fact, you might share a JD at the start which would keep changing as time progresses and by the time you are due for a performance review you might wonder about the relevance of that JD. Working in a startup for sure makes you ‘Jack of All’ an exposure which is nearly impossible in larger organizations simply because of the size and the structure of the latter. A leaner organization allows you to see though all level and have a wider perspective. It’s like a mentoring program and no wonder lot many entrepreneurs shoot out of such enterprises. However this might seem overwhelming for the ones who love sticking for their majors and want to go deep down in one subject. Here boardrooms are full of strategist cum executioners and you got to be Hands on!!

Risk is part and parcel: Startups are intolerant!! Yes and that’s the beauty if you are top performer they would push you to be the best or else you might just give up. When every individual plays multiple role and together the organization is in hurry to achieve the goals mediocre has definitely not place. No wonder a startup always needs to hire ‘A’ performers. Ones who are confident and don’t need much handholding instead they can kick start from day one. Self motivated, eager to learn, explore and contribute to the success of the organization are the ones who can live up to this journey.

Apart from this there are many more traits required to win over an entrepreneur’s heart but these could be the top three which if you are ready then go ahead onboard the adventurous journey where your talent gets the upper hand always!!

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