Sunday, 11 May 2014

A hobby can change your life

What? NO!! This post in not on gardening tips or walking benefits, but more than that.
Instead this is what I came across while I was reading one of the resumes which had come for a job application. Interest or Hobbies infact is the most interesting aspect which I never miss to read. It tells you a lot about the person and helps understand a bit on the cultural fitment in the organization.
Well many of them mostly write dozens of stuff without understanding the impact it might make to recruiters like me. And it’s easier to make out also such cases. But honestly though we hardly pay much attention but pursuing at least one hobby can bring lot of changes to ones personality. Grades definitely are important but it’s your hobby and the excellence level in it which can give you an upper edge.
You still don’t agree then here is what which might convince you:
Your interests help you connect with your inner self and make you more aware about your own emotions and reactions. This self awareness contributes towards your emotional quotient - a must have for all living beings today.
Hobbies help you stand out in the crowd or workplace. You can identify your personality type and thus it’s much easier to establish a connect with your peer group or even subordinates. Mostly it gives you lot to discuss apart from just business.
A great stress buster tool!!. In today’s scenario where stress sneaks in the kindergarten itself , it’s your hobby which can provide a diagrammatically opposite environment, when in need. Helps your mind cut off from the unwanted tension and thus unwinds the physical and mental stamina.
You always have a back up skill to fall upon. Any hobby if pursued to the extent of perfection can become your competency and hence you need not worry about losing a job ever. You my dear friend are gifted already.
We all are born to do something more than our usual jobs. Really!!  Just that we are so occupied with the usual than the unusual take a back seat. So go ahead explore your childhood wardrobe if you still can’t figure out something your heart beats for in true sense.
I did and that’s how I am writing this J

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