Tuesday, 18 November 2014

Why you should love Facebook?

I asked her, “So are you there on Facebook?”
She answered in a little awkward tone, “Not really, but I am on Linkedin”
She wondered how this was related to her subject. I just smiled and carried on with the Interview.
It’s sometimes is so interesting to see that a platform which has a base of 1.35 billion active users (WOW!! That’s like a country in itself) and still many don’t feel it makes sense to be there. Well may be as a user we haven’t realized that why it adds value to be on this platform.
I asked a quick question and here is what people replied and some responses off course are very interesting considering that each of them come from different professional and personal backgrounds. I am glad my friends have some good reasons to love Facebook. So here adding to them is my list which is not exhaustive but purely my own experience with this amazing #social tool.
We establish connects and contacts with people whom we would have never possibly known or if not digitally. This media has provided the space and also common grounds to interact on with chosen people publically or directly. It certainly helps on to network with likeminded people and later leverage the same as per the need. Many businesses thrive on social networks, thanks to all of us for choosing the platform. Adding to that it remains closed to the people you choose provided you used your settings smartly.
I got my last two jobs through Facebook. Really!!Don’t be shocked. With so many users around the recruiters are more than eager tofind the way out to reach the right candidate. Thanks to ‘Facebook Graph Search’ which has made the path more defined and focused. It’s a place where you and your activity talk more than your two page resume and guess what that’s what organizations are looking for, your true self!!
So are you part of Facebook groups? Have you explored any till now? Well that’s another unique way to learn from experts and you’re your own chose fraternity. A place where you can share your mind, seek advices and learn a lot from a mini comment. I see startup communities which talk about new ideas, challenges and solutions around it and then there are friends group who share their own old secrets with you. All on one platform!!
You wonder why some people are so regular with their status messages. Well Facebook is also a tool to share your mind and let your thoughts travel globally with a speed of light. What you share is what people perceive about you .The frequency and content helps them to establish an image which overall contribute towards their personal online branding. You never know who is watching you and considering it’s an open platform with limited privacy you off course should think twice before what you share.
Facebook pages are the new website and even more it’s free. What better way to connect with your audience so closely? In times where Gen Y is ruling we will soon have a career section on FB pages too apart from all the other offerings.
Do you need more reasons to love this brilliant platform and not to miss there is so much feel good factor of numerous likes on your profile pictures. And wait did I say..its very easy Onboarding here!!


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